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When will the next hit come?

Making music has always been a passion of mine. Back then with the C-64 and Sound Monitor by Chris Hülsbeck. Later with the Atari 1024 and Steinberg24. As of 2008, I started with the Magix Music Maker + Midi Controller (Keyboard). Today I work to set my little games to music with the iMac and Logic Pro X. The pieces are usually very simple and simple.

Eye of Horus Trailer Music

2019 - Titel: Eye of Horus Trailer
For my little Game Trailer i made this music. With a touch of Cinematic

Ufo and Planets

2018 - Titel: Ufo and Planets
Created for my little retro game. The song runs in the background during the game.

Titelmusic Supercom

2017 - Titel: Supercow
Ingame Music. The Music runs in the Background during the game.

Rise Up Music

2016 - Titel: Rise Up
My first song created with Logic Pro X

Lost in Space

My last song, which I created with the Magix Music Maker. This time also very sample-heavy. For the MM is actually good to use.


MAY 2011 - The second version of Atomica. Again, I tried to get everything out of Music Maker. Judge for yourself if I have succeeded.


2010 - Titel: ATOMICA
My first version of this song. Only MIDI with software instruments, what the MM holds so.

music created with music maker

2009 - Titel: Fusion
is getting better, but the dissatisfaction with the music maker is slowly increasing.

Clap on music

2009 - Titel: Clapon
Another Testsong created with the MM 

Mein erster song

2008 - Titel: My first little Song
Created with the Magix Music Maker. It is more a Test Song to learn the Software.

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