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Grave robbers have stolen all Pharaoh's treasures. Now it's up to you to collect all the artefacts again. Nice skill game with many levels in the Egyptian look. The retro game principle conveys real arcade feeling.

The Eye Of Horus

August 2019
Dive into the world of Egypt. Collect all stolen artefacts and treasures as the Eye of Horus. A challenging skill game with 8 levels and a beautiful Egypt setting.

Pharaoh is still revered everywhere. He was the king that built the first pyramid. But his rest did not last long, because grave robbers did not only damage the mummy of the god-king, but also stole his treasures and artefacts. Take on the role of Horus the god of light and bring the artifacts back to the tomb. Make sure that the Pharaoh is able to return to his body and continue his life after death. 

With just a bit of skill, you can steer your eye through 8 beautiful levels. Beware of the many traps and obstacles in the pyramid. Collect all artifacts so that the pharaoh can regain his peace. Wonderful old arcade-style skill game.

+ 8 levels full of traps and obstacles

+ explore the pyramid for artefacts

+ challenging skill game

+ Simple control

+ Optimized for iPad and iPhone

+ Saved score

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